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Server Name: Mordecai's Evolution |RP PVP Zones|US East|ChiefKeefTypeBeef



If you enjoy playing on our server, please consider making a donation. Please be aware all donations are final and non-refundable.


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Your 80 character message will be advertised to players upon joining the server. The message will be displayed for 20 seconds and 28 consecutive days. Message must be PG rated.



We have partnered with DayZ content creators to bring you the option of any cosmetic choices you can imagine.

Donate to get any one item off the list below or a whole outfit at a discount. Please be aware, once an outfit is ordered, it will be made available to all players on the server! (the custom item(s) will spawn on the map).



  1. Prepared by Mordecai

  2. Last edit 12/07/2021

  3. Reason for rules: These are the Rules of Engagement so to speak. You, me and everyone else here owns a copy of the game DayZ and we can decide to play on vanilla servers with no rules. We can also play on community servers with players that agree on specific rules of engagement. These rules are meant to enhance your DayZ experience by providing a more in-depth game experience and balancing player to player interactions in game.

  4. If you have any questions just ask.

  5. Discord Rules

  6. General

  7. Your discord name must be the *exact* same as your In-game Name.

  8. No Spam or flooding the chat with messages. Do not type in ALL CAPS. 

  9. No bashing or heated arguments to other people in the chat.

  10. No sexual or sexually explicit messages

  11. No racism or degrading content. 

  12. No excessive cursing.

  13. No advertising (Only with Permission). 

  14. No referral links. 

  15. No begging or repeatedly asking for help in the chat. Repeatingly asking basic questions will lead to administrative action

  16. No offensive names. 

  17. Inviting bots is NOT ALLOWED without administrative approval, any bots that are found will be INSTANTLY BANNED. 

  18. Do not use the @everyone / @here ping without permission. 

  19. Do not perform or promote the intentional use of glitches, hacks, bugs, and other exploits that will cause an incident within the community and other players. 

  20. Do not argue with staff. Decisions are final. 

  21. Voice Chat

  22. No voice chat surfing or switching channels repeatedly. 

  23. No annoying, loud or high pitch noises. 

  24. Reduce the amount of background noise, if possible. Resort to push to talk in your settings to reduce the issue. 

  25. You will be removed if sound quality is poor to other members

  26. Must speak english in general channels of Discord (other languages use private channels unless admins need to drop in the private channel)

  27. DayZ Server Rules

  28. Vehicles

  29. All vehicles are drive/own at your own risk

  30. Note: Items in crates will not be stored in garage

  31. Cars must be stored in the garage when not in use. Unattended cars will despawn,be stolen and/or be deleted.

  32. Vehicle damage is disabled, but can still be shot. No shooting other peoples cars outside of role-play or base self-defense.

  33. Cars should be locked when not in use to prevent easy theft and other problems.

  34. Combat Rules

  35. No Combat logging. 

  36. Misc Rules

  37. No Meta gaming.

  38. Using exploits and/or glitches in game is not allowed.

  39. Any form of cheating , hacking, loot cycling, or exploiting on the server will not be allowed and will be punished at the discretion of the server Owner

  40. 3 strikes and you’re out Rule: 3 rules broken in 1 month or 3 temp bans in a year will result in a permanent ban from this server

  41. You may only play on one account on this server. No alternate accounts

  42. The name "Survivor" is not allowed

  43. Any forms of trolling, toxicity, discriminative, racist or sexual behavior/content will not be permitted. Twitch TOS applies as we welcome streamers.

  44. This is a RP server and without a microphone you are hindering both your roleplay and everyone else’s roleplay around you.

  45. A tent even if locked is never considered a base and is always allowed to be raided

  46. A person may only be held captive,prisoner or in away be put in a way against their will for upwards of 2 hours.

  47. No Griefing

  48. No lying to admins

  49. All players must be at least 18 years of age.

  50. Nothing is guaranteed, the mods enhance the game but can’t ensure that you don’t die from fall damage or vehicle damage or the sort. 

  51. Base Building 

  52. A land-claim kit and flag is required to build a base

  53. A Base may not be built inside of another building (static structure).

  54. You may not build within 1000m of a safezone or trader.May not build in a military zone.

  55. Admin approval is required before a base may be built. !!Unregistered bases will be deleted.Submit a ticket with list of registered base members, in-game screenshot showing map and image of location you'd like to build.

  56. A Base may not be bigger than 4x4 and may be up to 3 units tall. The roof of the 3rd story can be used but may not have walls or ceilings. 

  57. Traps and landmines may not be placed anywhere on map except during events.

  58. No door stacking, doors may only be placed on ends of a floor.

  59. A player may only be registered to one base at one time. 

  60. Walls may not be more than 1 unit away from base.No walling off buildings nearby.

  61. No more than 4 players per base.


  63. Bases must be following server rules at all times. If Base is not following rules during inspection action will be taken.

  64. All bases are required to have one forever burning campfire.

  65. Bases built in a PVP zone may be raided at any time by anyone without reason.

  66. Parking Garages may only be placed at your base, not anywhere on the map. With a max of 2 garages per base

  67. Trader 

  68. No camping or otherwise hanging out for more than one hour at a time at Altar or Kamenka Trader.

  69. Do not steal items or vehicles from traders.

  70. Items and cars left unattended at the trader will be deleted. Keep items on your person and park cars in the garage.

  71. Don't leave trash on the ground, put paper and things you don't want into the fire or trash bins.

  72. Using the trade areas as an advantage for negative player interaction is not permitted

  73. Looting 

  74. You are allowed to loot open bases and break down tents.

  75. You may not destroy base walls,doors,windows,gates or codelocks.

  76. You may not kill players in their own base.

  77. If you are stealing or otherwise on their property - you can be killed.

  78. Missions

  79. Whoever is at the mission first owns it, if someone else shows up and starts taking stuff - report them and they will get banned.

  80.   Empty the contents of the mission loot, so the mission can respawn.

  81. You may not "claim" a mission when you're on the way to it, the first person that is physically on the mission gets it.

  82. Admin Rules

  83. Be like a meh-ok admin at worst.

  84. May not ban players in a fit of rage lmao.

  85. May only refer to members by the terms “you”, “yeah, you!” or by the player’s name.

  86. No asking for special treatment from the admin. Repeated offenses will result in a ban.

  87. RolePlay Rules

  88. About

  89. Role play is the idea of assuming a fictitious character that you create for yourself and through that character create stories and experiences in a collaborative manner with the other players in the game. The term "IC" or "In-Character" is used to describe anything your character experiences or knows. The term "OOC" or "Out-Of-Character" is used for all information related to outside the game.] [Understand that upholding a good quality of role play and making sure that everyone is enjoying it and getting something out of it is most important. This is a game and everyone should at the end of the day be having fun regardless of the character they have decided to play. Do not discriminate against other players due to their previously played characters or their OOC reputation.

  90. General RolePlay Rules

  91. You may not PVP anywhere on the map other than in the PVP zones which are: NW Airfield Military, Kamensk Military, Tisy Military, Troitskoye Military,Skalisktktktky Military Island.

  92. You may not engage in roleplay that could engage in death against a single player alone (image gangbang!!).

  93. You must engage in roleplay with other players attempting to engage in roleplay with you. No OOC communication may take priority over your in-game role play and as long as you are online you must play your character in all situations.

  94. You must act realistically in the situations presented to you within the world. This means do not act like you do not value your life. If heavily outnumbered do not attempt to go down fighting. Do not excessively backtalk or insult your captors when taken hostage

  95. Do not use the rules for in character gains. Do not abuse kill rights or use OOC information to gain an advantage

  96. When your character dies you may not return to within a 1000m of your death location as long as there is an active RP situation going on. All of these fall under the NLR or New Life Rule.

  97. Metagaming of any kind is not allowed. This means that any information learned out of game or out of character is not to be used in game

  98. Using OOC communications such as discord is allowed as long as you have a radio or radio transceiver on your person. At the point that this item is removed from your person or you are forced to surrender or hold your hand up you must cease all OOC communication with your group. Kinda simple you take their radio off their persons and no talking

  99. You are not allowed to force an action, condition, or belief onto other players through role play unless the action is specifically consented to by the other player. A good example of this would be forcing them to eat human meat or attempting to brainwash them. This is considered Power Gaming and will not be tolerated. Extreme Role Play like rape will not be allowed

  100. Players are more than welcome to create their own events in game as well but are not allowed rule changes unless first run by a member of the Admin team

  101. Do not impersonate another faction or person on the server to bring a bad name to them

  102. Do not use OOC chat when in an RP in game unless through text chat

  103. Player vs Player zone (PVP) Rules

  104. You may only engage in PVP tactics within the designated PVP zones on the map. - The designated locations are: - TISY MILITARY- NORTHWEST AIRFIELD - KAMENSK MILITARY- SKALISTY MILITARY ISLAND'

  105. All other areas of the map are considered to be **NON PVP**

  106. You may only engage in PVP tactics from within the designated **PVP ZONES**

  107. You may not bait people into a PVP zone in order to kill them PVP ZONES

  108. Any kills outside of PVP zone will be considered a murder and can lead to a ban if not roleplayed properly. A kill outside of the PVP zone will require video recording in case tickets are made.

  109. Hostage and Robbing

  110. A player becomes a hostage when restrained and at this point must comply within their best interests with their captives. This means a hostage must do what they can to survive the encounter and must act and react in a realistic manner within the RP of the instance and must keep the Value of Life in mind.

  111. When a hostage is taken it then becomes the immediate cause of the hostage takers to insure the hostages safety at all times within the RP. E.G. A hostage must be fed, watered, and kept in general good health or at the very least must not be allowed to die unless there is adequate RP for it. The death of a hostage should be an RP event between the players and should never be done lightly.

  112. When robbing, the victim must be left with food, water, clothes and at least 1 weapon of choice such as a knife or gun with ammo. If the victim is complying and is killed it will be considered a PVP on all robbers involved. If the victim is not fully complying but is not aggressing the robbers, the robbers must use every tool in their arsenal to control the victim before shooting them (E.G. Hit them with a gunstock, punch them in the face, handcuff them, burlap sack their head, shoot them in the leg so they understand they will die otherwise.) if this is not done it will be a PVP. If the victim tries to run and does not comply if told to stop or come back you are allowed to shoot them. IF YOU ARE ROBBING YOU MUST BE RECORDING. IF AN ADMIN OR MODERATOR REQUESTS THAT VIDEO AND IT CANNOT BE PROVIDED IT WILL BE CONSIDERED A PVP ON ALL INVOLVED. Countdown RP ending in the person dying from it will not be tolerated and will be considered a PVP. A good example of this would be telling a person to put their hands up counting to three and then killing them for not complying in the timeline you set. This will not be allowed and will be punished as if a PVP had been perpetrated